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Is your employee time attendance system meeting expectations?

Our time attendance system offers solutions that will help you identify problematic areas within your business, that may be having a negative impact on productivity and plans for future growth. If you don’t have the correct disciplines of a written attendance policy in place, then you risk creating a company culture where lateness becomes the norm, and unplanned absences will likely keep on increasing.

Even if you do have an attendance policy employees have been asked to follow, the introduction of a time & attendance system will in either situation, allow you to apply your attendance policies routinely and automatically, in a fair and impartial way to the whole workforce. Number 1 on our list below of attendance behaviours is one that can cause loss of productivity – employee absence.

But not all absences are equal.

And there will be instances when we should perhaps tread a little more mindfully, when identifying absence trends as we’re about to find out.

Planned absence – This one is easy to deal with and as long as you can cover the person’s absence from work, with someone of equal qualification and skills then no loss of productivity will occur. You still need to keep an accurate detailed record of planned absences and our time and attendance software will allow you to do that automatically.

Unplanned absence – The most problematic type of absence especially for small to medium sized businesses is the unplanned absence taken with little or very short notice usually due to sickness. This type of unplanned absence can be tagged, recorded & monitored and special reports can help identify individual and company wide absence trends and behaviours.

The most damaging of this type of unplanned absence is when an employee simply fails to show for work. Our time and attendance systems will automatically record a failed to show with a special absence flag. The employees designated supervisor can then be automatically notified to enable them to take the appropriate action.

Poor punctuality – This falls into the area of unplanned absence, these short durations of absence soon add up, and could be costing your company thousands of pounds every year, plus loss in productivity.

A time attendance system will help nurture the growth of your business.

Our powerful TimeVue software is designed to enable employers and managers to gather vital time and attendance information, highlighting employee attendance trends such as punctuality, employee absence and plan accordingly. Its been shown that when people are aware their attendance is being monitored, timekeeping, absenteeism and overall employee engagement improves. And employee engagement after all is key to your success as a company that benefits everyone.

Our time attendance system can save you £1,000’s on recruitment costs

Staff recruitment is a costly and time consuming exercise, coming in 3rd on business owners polled on what they found most challenging in running a business. Not surprisingly, on average businesses lose up to 12% of staff every year, costing £125,400 if a new recruit for whatever reason doesn’t work out. Difficulties retaining staff, high levels of turnover as well as problems recruiting affect 65% of SME’s the most. Taking into account retraining, advertising and loss of productivity while having to fill those often difficult shoes.

There’s also the issue of lost time, where managers or business owners have to take time out of their working week to write and vet applications and conduct interviews etc.

So what can we do to retain our staff, particularly those who are worth their weight in gold? Aside from wanting a change of career path, don’t always assume it’s down to money. Studies indicate the reasons more often than not are psychological in nature. Such as the need for greater responsibility or challenges employees feel cannot be easily communicated to their employer.

Time attendance systems open doors to better communication

As well as being able to open doors in the true sense when integrated with our door entry system – Guardor.  Our time and attendance systems can play a vital role in spotting negative behavioural trends and open meaningful lines of communication. Since stress is another important factor when it comes to staff retention. Prolonged or regular absences are definite indicators of stress, whether caused inside or outside the workplace.

Our time & attendance system solutions can alert you to staff who are continually working late

People who regularly work late? this may be an indication that their workload is too high. Our sofyware will provide advance warning to alert you to such behaviours before it’s too late. The complete opposite of absenteeism which we just discussed can also lead to stress in the workplace, it is a condition called presenteeism. You can learn more about presenteeism by clicking on the link.

The secret, if there is one, is to engage friendly lines of discussion to get to the root of the problem. And use this time to assess what wellbeing policies could be implemented. If then, our time attendance systems can be used to make you aware of stress related factors which lead to better communication with employees, you may well have found the secret ingredients to success.

UK manufactured time attendance systems

“Made in Great Britain” is still the stamp of quality and reliability in the world of design & manufacturing. Our time & attendance terminals are made of all metal construction for fire resistance, longevity and durability. Each one is made to order and carefully assembled by skilled technicians using our own in house facilities. All of our hardware and software is developed & manufactured here in the UK.

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And we’ve been doing that for the past 30 years. So we think we’re pretty sharp here at facetime when it comes to understanding our customers needs. So whether you’re looking for an “off the shelf fix” or a “tailor made solution”. Our long and varied experience in the time and attendance industry and our own development team, allows us to offer a unique software development service in order to fulfil your bespoke programming requirements, or specific reports you may require no matter how complex or individual they may be. Our ability and willingness to help you succeed, we believe, is the cornerstone of our success and keeps customers coming back time and time again.

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Upon receiving your enquiry, we can arrange a free online software demonstration and a friendly informal discussion to ascertain your requirements. We’ll then send you a detailed quotation which will include our understanding of your expectations and what you require from our system. We offer onsite installation and software training or if you prefer, in some instances we can supply by mail order and provide remote installation and software training using online screen sharing & telephone support. With an average customer life span of 25 years, we hope our philosophy and approach will continue to create many more mutually beneficial relationships that will stand the test of time.

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To keep service support costs under control, we can provide keenly priced support agreements to ensure you always get the most from your new time and attendance, door access control, fire roll call or job costing system for many years to come. Ongoing support is provided by telephone or our online screen sharing service. Site visits are all covered too under our comprehensive service cover agreements. And for customers who want ease of use from any location across multiple devices and automatic updates, we can offer SaaS (Software as a Service) using our own UK based secure cloud hosted servers. So call us today – we’ll always take the time to listen, help & support you.

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