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Cloud Based Clocking In System

Benefits of a Cloud Based Clocking In System

Using our secure UK cloud based clocking in system server to host your time attendance software, means less demand on your own computer resources and IT personnel. So with our help and expertise, you’ll have peace of mind in the knowledge that your data is safe and secure, routinely backed up and the software application is kept up to date with all the latest features. You can access live employee attendance and absence data from anywhere at any time, using multiple devices from the web browser of your choice. Our cloud based clocking in system can also allow lone workers in remote locations to clock in and out using a mobile phone or our virtual clocking terminal app, while regular site based employees can clock in and out using one of our clocking terminals installed at their place of work.

If you’re not sure whether to go for an on-premises solution or a subscription based SaaS option, please give us a call, we’d be delighted to discuss the different benefits and costings of each option.

Is a cloud based system secure?

Using our own UK cloud based secure servers ensures our Software as a Service (SaaS) keeps you compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). All our cloud based servers are physically situated here in the UK. This is a very important point to consider when choosing a cloud based clocking in system supplier.

Because if you were to inadvertently host your employee data on a cloud based server outside of the UK, for example the USA, then you risk investigation and a fine from the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) for non compliance with the GDPR. As a responsible data controller you should ensure you know where the physical location of the cloud based server is before choosing a supplier.  For accountability and support UK based cloud servers are the only sound option.

We take our responsibilities in providing a secure cloud based time & attendance system hosting service very seriously. We are  ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (ISO 27001) accredited, the international standard that describes best practise for an ISMS (Information Security Management System).

Some common challenges companies face when migrating to a cloud based clocking in system:
  • Resistance to change – Employees who are used to manual timekeeping processes, may resist learning a new system. Clear communication and training are key to driving adoption, and the benefit of our experience will be invaluable here.
  • Integration with current systems – Integrating the new system with payroll, or other backend systems can be challenging.  We can help you integrate and pull out data into other software systems if needed.
  • Concerns over data security – Companies may worry about having employee data hosted in the cloud. You need not have any worries here. Our server security protections and compliance standards are second to none.
  • Connectivity issues – A cloud based system relies on internet connectivity. Spotty connections can disrupt clock-ins/outs. Our cloud based clocking in system works offline if your internet connection is down . So no worries there.
  • Time tracking accuracy – Companies transitioning from manual to automated systems may find employees intentionally or unintentionally finding a workaround the new system. Good communication & management is key to a smooth implementation.
  • Cost of implementation – The upfront costs of new devices, training, integration, etc. has to provide a solid ROI. Cloud based systems should reduce costs long-term. Our cloud based system typically gives a return on investment within the first year.
  • Management of a widely distributed workforce – Tracking time attendance across multiple sites, mobile workers and teams in different locations can be challenging. Flexibility is key here, and our range of hardware and software apps will meet that challenge.
  • Customisation limitations – Cloud based clocking in systems are not usually as customisable as on-premise solutions. That might be true for other systems.  Our cloud based clocking in system allows bespoke customisation at every level.
  • Proper planning, training, change management and supplier selection will help mitigate these common migration challenges. If you choose us as your supplier you can rest assured we will be with you every step of the way.
Some examples of how to successfully handle the challenges of migrating to a cloud based solution:

Phasing the rollout – We advised one manufacturing company to slowly roll out the new cloud based system to different sites over several months. This allowed them to provide focused training and iron out any issues before company-wide adoption.

Leveraging supervisor buy-in – We encouraged a retail chain get store managers excited about the new system first. With their endorsement, other employees were much more receptive to adopting it.

Building internal experts – We encouraged another customer to identify power users who received in-depth training on the cloud based system. They became the go-to resources for troubleshooting issues.

Developing training guides – We have created visually engaging training materials like videos, quick reference cards and online courses to explain the cloud system.

Testing integrations – We are happy to work closely with your IT department or software vendor to test integrations with payroll and HR platforms. This way we can catch potential software bugs early to enable a smooth data transfer.

Running in parallel – We routinely advise to allow employees to keep doing paper timesheets or whatever your regular system currently is.  While also requiring clocking in on the new cloud system. This ensures an attendance backup record during the transition.

Starting with new hires – Another good idea is to transition all new hires to the cloud based attendance platform right away. Delaying legacy employee adoption gives more time for management of the change in the new way of doing things.

Offering incentives – We advised a  services company to reward groups of staff and individual managers that hit adoption rate targets. This drove engagement in learning the new cloud based system.

The right combination of training, communication, troubleshooting support and incentives helps ensure a smooth transition.

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To keep service support costs under control, we can provide keenly priced support agreements to ensure you always get the most from your new time and attendance, door access control, fire roll call or job costing system for many years to come. Ongoing support is provided by telephone or our online screen sharing service. Site visits are all covered too under our comprehensive service cover agreements. And for customers who want ease of use from any location across multiple devices and automatic updates, we can offer SaaS (Software as a Service) using our own UK based secure cloud hosted servers. So call us today – we’ll always take the time to listen, help & support you.

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