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How to Choose the Best Time and Attendance System for Your Business

Date: 24 October 2022  |   Posted in: Time & Attendance Systems


All business owners at some point ask themselves the question “how can I ensure my business is successful”. Well, there are obviously many answers to this simple question.

One way to improve your business success is to get rid of processes that waste time and ultimately decrease you profit margin. Many companies continue to use inefficient processes and software that cause financial problems in the long run due to inaccuracies and errors that they inherently produce.

One example of this would be perhaps using an outdated method of tracking employee attendance and absence, like handwritten timesheets that staff & employees fill out themselves. Modern time and attendance systems can play a crucial role in your business by accurately tracking  time spent at work. Inaccurate data will cost you dearly in increased payroll costs.

So, how can you find the best time and attendance systems in the UK? We’ll explore this question in the guide below!

What Type of Time and Attendance System Do You Need?

The first question to decide is what type of system you require. Lets consider four variations.

  • Traditional timecard clocking systems
  • Time and attendance software based systems
  • Biometric employee attendance systems
  • Web-cloud based time & attendance systems

Timecard clocking systems are the most simplified methods, using mechanical clock machines that punch a time onto a time card. These are one step above a timesheet, as the time is printed by the machine and not written by the employee.

Time and attendance software systems are installed onto your computer or server. They use credit style cards or key fobs in place of a timecard.  When staff & employees arrive at work, they’ll swipe the card/key fob to register their arrival and do the same when they leave.

Biometric employee attendance systems are also software based, but instead of a card or key fob use a biometric reader, typically a fingerprint reader. These types of system give you complete peace of mind that the employee was not clocked in by a colleague.

Finally, there are web-based cloud time and attendance systems.  These systems utilise SaaS (software as a service) and remove the requirement for you to maintain and keep the software up to date. Cloud based systems are also essential if you have remote workers. The clock in and clock out can be linked to a geographical location when a mobile phone or tablet device is used.

Will Time and Attendance Software Export Data to Your Payroll System?

The best time and attendance software should also integrate with your payroll system. This integration allows for simplified, error-free payments for your staff & employees.

It also saves your administrator time. Nobody will have to manually import time information into the payroll system. They can instead turn their attention to other tasks.

Comprehensive Attendance and Absence Reporting

Finally, your system should include excellent reporting capabilities so you can know what’s happening in your company. For example, it should highlight which of your employees were present, late, absent, or leaving early each day.

Why Not Try Our Free Consultation Service?

Finding the right time and attendance system often feels intimidating. Knowing what to look for can simplify the process tremendously. We would consider it a privilege to guide and advise you on the best UK time and attendance system for your needs. Please contact us here.

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