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Max ER1600 Clocking in Machine

The Max ER1600 clocking in machine wastes no time in helping you achieve Max’ results.

The Max ER1600 is a superb clocking in machine designed & manufactured in Japan by the Max Corporation. A country that has a passion for doing things well, is clearly demonstrated in this impressive clocking in machine that’s almost as unique as the country it came from. Packed with more technology than it took to get Armstrong on the moon…though admittedly most things are these days. But one thing’s for sure, this extremely versatile machine will be one giant step in helping any small business that’s on a mission, to explore reliable means for recording employee time and attendance impartially and enjoy consistently accurate results every time… you’ll find the Max ER1600 is truly out of this world.

How does it do it?  Put simply, ingenuity and build quality. The Max ER1600 uses a fully automatic clock card feed / eject system to ensure a precise and error free operation. More clever than that, the machine knows precisely where the last clocking is on the time card, and under normal operation it will never overprint any clocking that’s been recorded on the clock card.

It does this by using special weekly or monthly time cards that uses a series of notched holes down both sides of the time card. Each time card has a different number / arrangement of these coded holes, which allows the Max ER1600 clocking in machine to print up to 4 clocking times per day at anytime of the day on one single line (see pdf card sample below). The Max ER1600 is the only clocking in machine on the market that can do this. And unlike most clocking in machines, it requires no manual override of IN/OUT buttons to be pressed by the user, when, as with most other clocking in machines, the pre-programmed times of the daily horizontal IN/OUT card shift movement is unable to accommodate any unplanned or unusual clocking times, which can often lead to eligible printing. Whether deliberate or not, the Max ER1600’s unique and very clever feature ensures overprinting is virtually impossible.

With time card calculation feature enabled, the fifth column allows the Max ER1600 clocking in machine to calculate elapsed time between clockings. Plus you can also program core time to show a tardy/lateness symbol to be printed / highlighted whenever an employee clocks in late or leaves early.

We say no other clocking in machine beats the Max ER1600 for ease of use & performance. The only close contender perhaps is from the big boys… Seiko. Not surprisingly is another Japanese company with their Seiko QR395 clocking in machine.


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