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Agrimin (Agriculture & Farming)

Who are Agrimin?

Agrimin is a leading manufacturer & distributor of trace element and mineral food supplements for farming livestock throughout the world. A true British agriculture & farming innovator that also manufactures pharmaceutical and veterinary products.

The key to their success is partly due to their special relationship and trusted reputation within the Livestock Farming Industry developed over the past 30 years. Agrimin’s unique approach and wealth of knowledge in the field of animal health and nutritional management systems, has made its product a leading international brand name, one that has awarded the directors an OBE in 2004 for services to British exports.

They have also spearheaded the re-shaping of the EU animal feed legislation. Based in Lincolnshire, Agrimin adheres to the Good Manufacturing Principles (GMP) guidelines to ensure consistent quality standards during the manufacture of its animal feed supplements and veterinary & pharmaceutical products. Agrimin also offers an advisory service to farmers.

What were Agrimin’s challenges?

Agrimin being aware of the importance of adhering to regulations and guidelines in order to maintain their high standards, with health & safety regulations being no exception to this philosophy, especially when it comes to fire regulations. Agrimin contacted us with regard to modernising their fire roll call procedures throughout their manufacturing and distribution facility at Kirmington Lincs, and sought advice from us as to how they could best go about this.

They required the successful tender to supply & install a fire roll call solution. The system needed to be linked to the fire alarm panel and be able to automatically generate a fire report upon activation of the fire alarm in real-time. Their requirement for the system included dual functionality of being able to record and report on employee time and attendance using biometrics.

In the past, they had been using a manual fire register, everyone including visitors had to sign upon entering or leaving the building. In the event of an alarm, the fire register would be collected and taken to the fire assembly point for roll call purposes. We recommended installing our software-driven computer linked attendance fire roll call system with a dedicated fire printer.

The system would comprise of our TimeVue-Pro clocking terminal connected directly to a high-speed dot matrix printer via USB connection, with a 240v uninterrupted power supply backup to ensure the fire report would print in the event of a power cut. They really did have all the bases covered. The clocking terminal was connected directly to the fire alarm panel.

Upon activation of the fire alarm, the clocking terminal tells the dedicated fire printer to print the fire report. This type of setup is independent of the customer’s computer network…we call this “your must have fire report”. The customers network can also be used to send automatic fire reports to specific office printers if required.

Our Agriculture & Farming clocking system and fire roll call solution

Our fire roll call solution gave Agrimin exactly the solution they we’re looking  for. The immediate benefits provided Agrimin the ability to see who’s present from any computer, and to be able to run time and attendance reports for any date and time period.

Fire reports now instantly print to the dedicated fire printer during fire drills, and is easier to read and less cumbersome than the old manual fire register. Agrimin can rest assured they are fully compliant with fire regulations, and have taken all reasonable steps to safeguard their employee’s health & safety within the workplace.

“I found these guys very attentive to detail, they have a positive attitude to problem solving and work hard to get the job done, I’m very pleased with the installation and after sales service”…Gareth Stafford-Production Manager


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