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St Denis LodgeSt. Denis lodge is situated in the beautiful county of Dorset, a short level walk to the hilltop Town of Shaftesbury. The home boasts well tended large gardens to stroll and sit in, and inside comforts include spacious airy rooms. St. Denis Lodge works to the Gold Standard Framework of End of Life Care, specialising in providing advanced care planning which allows residents to make choices in advance of possible future circumstances that may arise, giving them control over decisions that might normally be made on their behalf when unable to be consulted due to a health issue. The strong emphasis within St. Denis Lodge is that every resident is to be treated with the dignity and respect that staff would wish for them or their loved ones. Everyone employed at the home works around the clock to ensure the continued smooth running at St. Denis Lodge. All staff are of course highly trained and qualified in their chosen role, and invariably form friendships with residents, many of whom count them as friends as well as being their caregiver. Whether you’re a resident or visitor, you’re always greeted with a friendly smile and warmest of welcomes at St. Denis Lodge.

Around four years ago we had a call from Hayley who is the Accountant/Bookkeeper for St Denis Lodge. Hayley was unhappy with their Time and Attendance Software supplier at the time, whom she felt had not resolved the issues they had been experiencing for quite a while and were giving very poor after sales support.

Hayley wrote:

“Our current system doesn’t cope if an employee works a day shift then comes back in and works a night shift. The first shift is ignored and doesn’t show up on printouts. The system is supposed to feed into Sage Payroll, but we have been unable to get the data clean enough to utilise this facility. As discussed we have an Ingersoll Rand Hand Punch 1000, so are hoping to only have to change the software”.

After the initial telephone consultation, we arranged to go and visit Hayley at St. Denis Lodge in Dorset. It was during the meeting that Hayley shared her concerns regarding the current supplier with whom they had a support contract, she felt that the time had come to seek a relationship with a new supplier, hence the call to us. They already had a biometric hand scan clocking terminal in place, which they liked and wanted to keep. As this was a standard model we sold and could support, we were happy to supply new software, which could cope with the complexities of working patterns and rules that Care Homes usually have. St Denis Lodge had several key requirements and expectations about any software solution we might offer them.

  • They required a quick response and resolution to support requests.
  • The software had to work with their existing biometric hand scanner clocking terminal.
  • The system had to allow for staff to choose and/or switch departments.
  • The software had to be able to cope with round the clock attendance, and be able to automatically differentiate between day and night shifts, double shifts and shift swaps.
  • The shift setup must allow for a rounding up to the 50th minute on the first clocking of the shift. This was to accommodate shift hand over.
  • The shift setup screens and reports had to allow for eight pay bands.
  • The attendance software we were to provide had to be capable of creating an export file suitable for importing into Sage Payroll.

Care Home Time and Attendance System

As St. Denis Lodge had no prior experience of our company, and Hayley felt their confidence had been knocked having experienced such poor after sales support from their existing supplier, who had mis-sold them a Time and Attendance System that could not even handle a simple day & night shift correctly. So with this in mind we put Hayley in touch with a long time customer Millfield School in the town of Street, Somerset. Our main contact at the school was happy to speak with Hayley and answer any questions she might have.

We also promised a full refund if they found our software and/or ongoing support not to their liking. We also offered 30 day credit terms to help things along. We were confident we could help them and that they would be more than pleased with the results. The requirement for eight pay bands required some bespoke programming which we did for free, our software uses six pay bands which is normally enough for most companies, we were happy to add an extra two. All the other requirements were standard to our Time and Attendance Software, including the option to prompt the employee to choose a shift or in this case a department upon clocking in.

The installation and training took place within a period of a day, and the results were immediate. The staff were already used to clocking on the biometric hand scanner and the only difference was that they were now required to choose a department number when clocking in, this was done by way of an LCD screen prompt and manual keypad entry of a department number.

Our solution solved all of the requirements that Hayley had listed, and she was now getting accurate hours worked reports for export to Sage Payroll. A lot of time had previously been spent correcting errors in the previous system. So a lot less time is now being spent in Payroll administration. These time savings and accurate totaling of worked hours will accrue long into the future, ensuring the Time and Attendance System and support they have purchased will more than pay for itself.

“Our previous system supplied by another company, doesn’t cope if an employee works a day shift then comes back in and works a night shift. And we have not been able to get the data clean enough to feed into Sage Payroll. We are very pleased with the clocking system facetime provided, backed up by excellent support”.

Hayley Spencer - Accountant.

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