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Clarks Village

Clarks Village

Facetime provides a time & attendance system that ‘measures-up’ at Clarks flagship shoe shop at Street, Somerset

Clarks shoes a well known household name that needs no introduction, have been trusting us with their time attendance requirements for the last 30 years.

In 1993, Clarks UK based shoe manufacturer was looking for a way of putting to profitable use its redundant shoe factory buildings. Noting the success of the resident outlet shop, they decided to expand and add an entire ‘village’ of shops. Paved walkways, landscaped gardens, children’s play areas and cafés encouraged visitors to view it as a ‘day out for all the family’.

Clarks Properties consulted widely with outlet centre developers in the US, taking some aspects from successful centres and adapting others. The Street location in Somerset met all the requirements, being on the outskirts of a town or city, within easy reach of motorways and other nearby tourist attractions. It is now perceived as a ‘destination shopping experience’ in its own right.

Here’s what Darren had to say about our system…

Darren Partridge

“We employ 120 staff and consider our time attendance system provided by facetime an essential tool, enabling us to run our business in a more efficient manner. Wage payments equal 85% of our running costs overall, and it’s important for us to have accurate and reliable information about staff attendance so that our weekly payroll run is as easy as possible.”

Darren Partridge, Store Manager, Clarks factory shop, Clarks Village.

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Clarks Village
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“Facetime provides a time & attendance system that ‘measures-up’ at Clarks flagship shoe shop at Street, Somerset”

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