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Guarantee Laundries (commercial & industrial laundry services)

Who are Guarantee Laundries?

With over 115 years of knowledge and experience, Guarantee Laundries are naturally positioned leader in the laundry services industry. Providing workwear & linen laundry service to some of the finest hotels throughout the Southwest. They also supply table, bed and kitchen linen, towels, chefs wear and dust mats to the hotel catering industry and other industry sectors too.

Based at two sites Stalbridge Dorset and Corsham Wiltshire,  they have been a customer of ours since the late 1990’s. Like us, they value and reward customer loyalty, and continue to secure this by striving to offer the very best products at the very best prices, while remaining dedicated to delivering consistent value within every fold of a well pressed linen sheet.

What were their challenges?

As Guarantee Laundries continue to grow their customer base, they had to make the difficult decision to leave their Sherborne factory, where they had been since 1901. Nevertheless, it was a move that needed to be done to accommodate new larger laundry machines to meet growing demand. Director Peter Swan asked us to install a new employee time & attendance system at their new factory at Stalbridge Dorset. We helped assist with the move by allowing the old system to stay in place at Sherborne to allow employees to operate from both sites.

Our commercial & industrial time & attendance solution

Guarantee Laundries required us to be flexible in our availability for the installation of the new time & attendance system. We coordinated closely with their timetable with the exciting move to Stalbridge, which we were glad to be apart of. Delays are always inevitable with such a large move, until the new computer network was up and running only then could we install their new time & attendance system.

When we were finally given the go ahead, we made arrangements with their IT department who were needed to ensure suitable security permissions were in place, to allow us to backup and restore from the old server at Sherborne, and a fresh installation onto the new server at Stalbridge. Guarantee Laundries were planning to temporarily run two independent versions of the software until the move to the new factory was complete. But they could not access Sherborne’s server remotely and would have to physically travel to Sherborne to collect clocking data.

We advised their IT to setup both sites under one database, this required an internet connection to Sherborne’s clocking system terminal. There were a few technical issues to address. One being the port had to be allowed through the firewall, and reprocess Sherborne’s clocking data into the new software install. This went relatively smoothly and were up and running by the end of the day with one synchronized database linking to both sites. We later decommissioned and removed the old clocking terminal approximately eight weeks later when Sherborne factory by then had done its final spin. Now settled into their new factory, are now enjoying awash of new business opportunities, having won the best customer service award 2017/18 awarded by the Laundry & Dry Cleaning News publication.

“We are very pleased with the time & attendance solutions Facetime have provided for our two sites one at Corsham, Wiltshire and the other at Stallbridge, Dorset. They are a supplier of many years and we hope to use their services for many years to come”… Michael Hall – Factory Manager

Guarantee Laundries

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