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Hatch End High School

About Hatch End High School

Hatch End high school located in Harrow, Middlesex, is a school committed to excellence, where academic success is paralleled by a commitment to develop the personality, talents and abilities of all its students.

It upholds and develops traditional values. As a thriving, forward-looking school, it continues to provide a high quality, all-round education for young people aged 12-16. Hatch End High School has created a purposeful and effective learning environment, rich in opportunities for personal fulfillment and success. Students are stretched to achieve their maximum potential.

Public examination results are well above the national average and the school enjoys exceptional success in many other areas such as sport, music and the arts. Central to the school’s philosophy is the belief that academic success is essential to each student’s future.

They are expected to make study a priority and to do their best at all times. Their efforts are enhanced by an ethos of mutual cooperation and respect which creates an environment where students work together in harmony and learn from each other.

Hatch End High School Door Entry Security System

In order to maintain that feeling of harmony within the school, when Hatch End decided to increase security measures that needed to be improved throughout the school, they chose facetime to supply their door entry system. The door entry access control system and software was complemented by the addition of a CCTV camera and state of the art slimline LCD colour monitor installed in the reception office. Non contact proximity card readers allow staff to access within the school while restricting pupil access from certain areas for safety reasons.

Access control systems not only keeps unwanted intruders out, but allows staff to monitor pupils entering or leaving the school at unauthorised times. Visitors to the school gain entry by using the door intercom system we installed, using our CCTV system gives the receptionist the ability to see visitors while talking over the intercom before deciding to allow entry into the school.

“Working in partnership with parents, we can make sure your child’s time at Hatch End is an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.”

Allan Jones, BA. M Phil Head Teacher

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