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Founded in 1906 in Mexico, Cemex is the world’s third largest cement producer. And is the world’s second largest building materials manufacturer. Along with cement, it also manufactures ready mixed concrete and aggregates in more than 50 countries employing around 50,000 employees on four continents. Cemex are another longtime customer, to whom we’ve been providing employee time and attendance solutions for over 15 years across England and Wales.

Cemex contacted facetime to discuss the possibility of installing a biometric clocking system at each of their Ready Mix plants. They did not have time and attendance recording as a rule, in the past they did use the traditional clocking in card machines. They wanted to address the problem of not knowing who was onsite especially on weekends. They required a system that would allow central managers to know which Ready Mix plants across the country were manned by key personnel from a health & safety standpoint concerning lone workers. They also required a biometric solution for extra security.

Biometric Time & Attendance System with Hand Scanners

Our TimeVue system was already being used at various quarries and office locations. Dust being a concern, we recommended biometric hand scanners perfect for harsh environments. These biometric devices measure the hands geometry and are the most robust biometric terminals available. TimeVue’s software application and database was installed on the main network server at head office. And all the biometric hand scan clocking terminals were installed at the various Ready Mix plants across the country, all monitored from one software application. TimeVue’s Attendance Display Panel (ADP) shows who is present or absent in real-time.

Facetime resolved Cemex’s problem of not knowing when key personnel were present at each Ready Mix plant. Other powerful functions of TimeVue’s attendance software are being explored by Cemex. This includes our own perfectly blended  ‘mix’ of analytical data to help Cemex do what they’re good at…building a better future.

“We used Facetime’s clocking systems for a number of years, and have found their knowledge and ongoing support service to be excellent, they respond to and resolve support requests very efficiently”…Richard Allan Dytor – Supply Chain Team Leader


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